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About Me – Who Am I?

Throughout my life I have always had the sense of a higher calling – seeking out the truth in all that is around and within me. Not being limited to ideals or perceptions of how life should be, instead focusing on how life truly is.  In my quest for deeper knowledge and wisdom, and a passion for helping others to benefit from the unique gifts we all carry. I have studied and explored many forms of healing practices, having a particular passion for the metaphysical and an urge to learn more about quantum physics.

As I continue to expand and evolve my conscious mind I view things from a very different perspective.  I see this in all areas of life, in love and the universe…. how these keys uniquely relate and respond to each of us in all that we do. Practicing and sharing this higher knowledge is reflected in the services I offer my clients on a daily basis.


My discovery of alternate complementary therapies and healings began in the early 1990’s when I left my successful career and returned to study – my focus at the time was to study medical massage and soft tissue injury rehabilitation.  This was an exciting time for me, as I came into close contact and treated many high profile clients, such as celebrities. triathletes, professional football / basketball players, and royalty.   A list of some of my clientele from this time is available here. Please feel free to ask for more information should you wish.

In the mid 1990’s I realized there was still a missing ingredient, intuitively I knew I had to seek more, and this led me to explore Reiki healing.  This too was merged into my daily work with clients, and eventually I became a Reiki Master Healer.  In 1999, I was driven by my heart and soul to relocate, I left my circle of family and friends bound for California – seeking spiritual growth and understanding of my own path in life.

During the early 2000’s with a new life path decided I began studying Pranic Healing courses and Arhatic Yoga under the watchful eye of the late, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. As healing had become a large part of my life, I was later introduced to Theta Healing by two of my former colleagues.  I realized that this was a calling, and the benefits to my own life and that of my clients became clear to see.  Our lives were transforming – they are more meaningful and purposeful.  This lead to me working directly with the founder of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal, where I am now recognized as a Theta Healing Certificate of Science, the highest designation you can achieve at this time in theta healing, and Theta Healing Master Instructor and practitioner.

I continue to adopt the latest teachings and practices incorporating them in my work each day. I have touched the souls of many with my open heart, gentle sense of humor, compassion and empathy, and I look forward to connecting with yours.  I continue to give back to the community in many ways, as well as encourage the new generations to take a different approach to their own truth and that of life.  There is a distinct shift in the energies on the planet today and many are seeking that higher knowledge and sense of purpose.

Present Practices

We are all Divine Sparks of God – teaching you how to move forward and create the life you desire and deserve is at the very core of my work. By incorporating new skills and practices you are able to truly transform the way you live, and relate with others.  We will bring out the true you in such a profound way, that you will be a completely new being of pure love and understanding.

No matter whether you are experiencing attention deficit hyperactive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, feeling lost or even suicidal – together we can overcome and heal the areas of your mind, body, heart and soul.  We will begin to intertwine your true being into its purest form, back to Oneness.  I will help you SAFELY release buried and repressed emotions, beliefs, repetitive behaviors, patterns and thoughts.

We will work together and explore all the possible ways of healing your mind, body, heart and soul through the use of Theta Healing.

Working with Children

Throughout my learning and teaching I have been blessed to work with children, who have been diagnosed and treated for disorders such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and other such things.  There is much controversy about the use of medications in young children today, and many are seeking alternative therapies that have a positive impact on children.

There are many children being born these days that are distinctly different and gifted, in a way that traditional medicine cannot explain or identify properly.  There are many blessings from the universe and these include Crystal and Indigo children – these often show the same symptoms as common medical conditions – and in most cases can be helped in a holistic and spiritual way.

I can help parents to understand their children, and how we can offer an alternate solution that does not require prescription drugs or medicines.  Over the past few months I have been receiving Divine messages and information concerning our children, and how best to expand my practices.  With the shifts in consciousness it is very difficult for these special beings to adapt or cope and they are often misunderstood.  I am able to assist with various healing methods that are complementary, and in some cases replace traditional treatments.

Next Steps – How to Make Contact and Arrange a Consultation

I would be delighted and honored to help guide you along this path back to One, I invite you to take my hand and discover the true Divine Being you are.

I offer a FREE 20 minute initial consultation.  Please click here to schedule yours.

I am happy to meet clients in person  in Santa Barbara, CA.   I also offer sessions by phone in the U.S. and Canada, or by skype anywhere else in the world. I  travel and teach Theta Healing® Seminars in the U.S. and abroad.

Approved provider for the NCBTMB Association.

Its time to consciously create the life you want to, and deserve to  live.

Linda Reichert, Certified Certificate of Science, Master Theta Healing® Instructor and Practitioner.