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How Can Theta Healing Be Beneficial To You?

Imagine what your life would be like if you were free of suffering from trauma, fears, phobias,or post-traumatic stress disorders? What if you were able to release and be free of regrets, rejections, resentments, and guilt? What if you aren’t feeling well and your illness has an underlining cause? What if you were to feel whole again, only to realize you were never broken?  If these issues listed above are challenges you are faced with, you would greatly benefit from a Theta Healing session. Theta Healing is a kind of healing meditation, if you will, that teaches one to consciously connect to the Creator of All That Is. It is through the Theta Healing practitioner going into a Theta Healing meditation and connecting to the Creator that all these changes happen.

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What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is the fastest growing healing modality on the planet at this time, and helps uncover as well as release limiting beliefs and programs that do not serve one any longer Best termed as an “attainable miracle” for one’s life, the Theta Healing technique is a spiritual philosophy and a meditation. The philosophy and technique are not specific to any religion; all religions are welcome with the noble intention of getting intimate with the Creator of All That Is. Through this Theta healing meditation process, we go up and connect and get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding you back, thus living life with positivity while developing virtues in every way possible. The Theta Healing technique, through prayer and meditation, helps in the creation of positive thoughts and thus a positive lifestyle. If you would like to read more about Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing please click here.

Healing of Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart and Soul

Theta Healing, profound, yet simple, is an alternative healing modality.  It is easy, fast, and life-changing. In one Theta Healing session we can uncover what takes psychologists and psychiatrists’sometime years to uncover.

Theta Healing Meditation can 

  • Create Change
  • Create the Life you Desreve to Live
  • Offer Greater Clarity
  • Make One Know that they are Worthy
  • Attract the Love of One’s Life
  • Release Negative Programming of one’s Childhood
  • Shift Anger
  • Retrieve your Soul
  • And so much more

Theta Healing and Children:

Theta Healing, is the fastest growing healing modality on the planet and helps uncover as well as release limiting beliefs and programs that do not serve one any longer. It can bring amazing healing to children, thus benefiting them greatly too. This healing meditation can be taught to anyone and is facilitated through a theta healing practitioner,  can ease a child through challenging transitions like resentment, anxiety, rejection, illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, phobia, and fear. It brings positive emotional and physical changes into various areas of the young lives. Children, being highly responsive and receptive to theta healing, can heal with amazing quickness.  What if you could change something in your child’s life that would make all the difference in the world to them?

Most children are compassionate, intuitive, and sensitive. They are aware of the surrounding places and the emotions of others to a high degree which is something wonderful. Research has shown that the brains of children are like sponges. Children, naturally, are in a theta brain wave predominantly, up until the age of 6 years to 7 years. They absorb everything from their life experiences and their environment and can often get overloaded with negative circumstances, energies, and emotions. This is where theta healing meditation can play a significant role by clearing negative energies and offering reassurance, relaxation, and security. Healing can be done directly on those who are old enough to express themselves.

Theta Healing Meditation helps people of all ages by helping them let go of their old limiting beliefs and instilling new feelings.

THETAHEALING®, THETAHEALER®, the THETAHEALING® shield logo and THInK®/THETAHEALING® INSTITUTE OF KNOWLEDGE are registered trademarks. Training and treatment in the ThetaHealing® energy modality are available exclusively from teachers and practitioners certified by the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge, Bigfork Montana. Only a teacher or practitioners who has been certified by THInK® is entitled to be called a ThetaHealer®. Only those energy healing practices developed and approved by Vianna and THInK® can be called ThetaHealing®.

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